BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum Lining – White, Soft Flap, 2-Way Locking Sliding Panel and Telescoping Frame


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BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door With Aluminum Lining – White, Soft Flap, 2-Way Locking Sliding Panel and Telescoping Frame

BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door With Aluminum Lining: Give your pet the convenient luxury to come and go as they please with the redesigned BarksBar Premium Dog Door. Keep your restless pet healthy and active without ever having to open a door again. Redesigned For A Long Lasting Experience: Redesigned with a sleeker aluminum edging and fitted on a sturdier thermoplastic impact-resistant frame, this dog door is perfect for daily use while complimenting any home’s decor. Your BarksBar Dog Door Comes With: 
​Thermoplastic-Impact Resistant Frame: Stylishly designed to match or compliment any home decor, our dog door is bite & chew proof tested and durable enough to handle day-to-day use. Energy Efficient Clear Vinyl Weatherproof Flap with Magnetic Closures: Protects against wind, rain, and insects. Will not warp over time or under extreme temperatures. Sliding/Self-Locking Door Panel: Tamper proof; Perfect for when door is not in use and keeps unwanted guests out.

Descriptive Instructions Included for the Easiest and Quickest Installation Available

Designed with the pet’s safety and owner in mind, the BarksBar Premium Dog D

Measuring Your Pet Door Placement: Measure your pet’s shoulder height next to your door. Use a pencil to make a mark 2 inches above your dog’s shoulder onto the door. This point servces as the top of the dog door template. Prepping the Door (Optional but recommended): Remove the door from the hinges and place the door on an elevated surface (e.g. saw horses). Clamp or put a weight on the door to prevent it from shifting. Outling the Template: Align the top of this templace (instruction sheet template) with the mark on the door. Make sure the template is centered horizontally and leveled on the door. Trace around the edge of the template on the door with a pencil. ​Marking and Drilling: Mark the tips of the four cornerse of the outline with either a pencil, nail or awl for drilling. Drill a 3/8″ diameter hole on each of the four corners of the drawn template. (Make sure you drill exactly at the tips of the corners). These will be the pilot holes for the saw blade. Cutting the Opening: Use a proper saw to cut the opening (e.g. saber saw, jigsaw). Beginning with one of the corner holes, carefully cut along the pencil line. Assembling Pet Door: Place exterior frame (without the flap) into the opening from the exterior side of the door. Make certain the frame is flush with the door surface. It is recommended to caulk around the exterior frame for weather resistance.
Remove the slide panel and insert the interior frame (with flap) into the opening from the interior side of the door. Make sure the screw holes are aligned, hold the frames tightly in place and install the six screws. Tighten until snug but DO NOT over tighten. Pet Training: Train your pet to use the door. Have fun!

Key Product Features

White Thermoplastic-Impact Resistant Frame:

Perfect for daily use – bite & chew tested for dogs up to 100 lbs. Telescopic frame to fit most sized doors. Stylishly designed to match or compliment any home decor.

Soft & Flexible Heavy-Duty Vinyl Flap 

Designed with built in magnetic strip  and magnetic closure to keep flap in place and prevent cold air drafts. Durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and prevent any unwanted guests from entering.

Removable Self-Locking Slide Panel

Tamper proof – easily restrict access when door is not in use. Provide security for your home and gain peace of mind knowing your home is protected from outsiders.

For Dogs & Pets Up To 100 LBS: Durable Enough To Handle Day-To-Day Use; Bite and Chew Proof Tested; Easily Prevent Any Unwanted Guests From Entering
Soft Flexible Heavy-Duty Vinyl Flap With Magnetic Closure: For Your Pet’s Comfort And Ease Of Use; Will Not Warp Over Time Or Under Extreme Temperatures
Removable Self-Locking Slide Panel: Easily Restrict Access When Door Is Not In Use; Helps Protect Against Extreme Weather, Air Drafts, As Well As Bugs And Insects
Telescopic Frame: Very Easy To Install With Just 5 Easy Steps; Average Installation Time: 25 Minutes

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BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum Lining - White, Soft Flap, 2-Way Locking Sliding Panel and Telescoping Frame