What You Need To Know About Dog Walking

If you are fortunate enough to own a dog, it is suggested that you walk him regularly. According to experts, there are plenty of benefits that come with it.  These benefits include without limitation:

Benefits of walking your dog

Bond strengthening: Since you will be alone with him or her you will have quality time together. Experts report that this time is important in forming a deep and trusting relationship with your dog. The time that you spend together with him also plays a vital role in the development of the behavior.

Weight control: Just like human beings, puppies are sure to advantage masses of weight when they lead a sedentary life-style. If you stay in an rental 4-legged friend has little space to exercising; consequently, it gains weight. During the walk, he burns calories for that reason bringing approximately weight reduction.

Better emotional state:  If you often exercise you may bear witness that you feel a good deal higher after the exercise. This is due to the fact your body releases hormones that enhance your intellectual well-being. This is the same case along with your dog. When the canine is walked he feels better about himself as a result will becomeg a better pal.

More exposure: When you stroll with him you expose him to new people, experiences, and settings. This allows him to learn new matters which will stimulate your dog’s mind.

Decrease loneliness: If you live alone it means that your friend spends most of his time alone. Just like humans, dogs are social beings. When you are walking him you give him company which aids in getting rid of loneliness.

Longer life: Since dogs that exercise are fitter and healthier, they tend to live longer. Since they have longer lives you enjoy the company of your dog for a longer time.

How to walk him

While many people know that they need to walk their dogs, studies show that few dog owners know how to properly do it. To help you out, here are tips on how to properly walk him:

Always keep him on a leash: When he is on a leash you have full control of him and you are the one who dictates the walk-not the dog. The best way of holding the leash is wrapping it around your hand until there is little space between you and him.

Treat him: It’s always recommended that you train your dog during the walk. Some of the training that you can expose him to include: walking, sitting and when to pull on the leash. When he behaves the way that you want you should reward him with his favorite treat.

Make the walk comfortable: There is no way that he will enjoy the walk if it’s uncomfortable. You should ensure that the leash is made from a comfortable material. Also, ensure that you apply comfortable pressure on him The time that you walk him determines how comfortable the dog will be. For peace of mind avoid walking him at noon as it might be too hot for him.

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